Book 6 of 2017: ‘How to Grow a Baby and Push it Out’ by Clemmie Hooper


I love @mother_of_daughters. I do. I love her so much that I pre-ordered her book despite not only not being pregnant, but also having zero intention of getting that way either.

I am also super interested in pregnancy, labour, birthing, the whole shibang, and have genuinely considered quitting my day job and training to be a midwife. For some reason, I thought it would add more insight into that aspect of things (stupidly). It doesn’t (of course) because it’s almost like a step-by-step guide talking expectant mothers through all of (what I imagine are) the most worrying and difficult stages of being pregnant.

It was super interesting reading, and this is 400% a book that I will get out the second I get two pink lines (whenever that may be), and it’s something that I would absolutely hand out to anyone I know that is pregnant. Considering it’s a pregnancy guide, I think that’s probably the highest praise I could give it.

As Clemmie seems on Instagram, it’s funny, kind and insightful. It’s super relatable, and I can imagine calming. It makes nothing seem too scary or too unachievable. Basically, I still super love Clemmie, and should I ever give birth, I hope I have someone like her (who am I kidding, her) as my midwife.

PS I hope you appreciate the irony that I am posting a pregnancy guide on Valentine’s Day – you’re welcome.


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