Book 2 of 2017: ‘Predator’s Gold’ by Philip Reeve


I’ve already got a little behind with my blogging because I actually finished this book on 4th January. I’m writing this in hindsight, because I prioritised reading ‘Swing Time’ by Zadie Smith. I needed it read it in time for book club, and it’s big so I felt under pressure, and then I never caught up with my blogging. However…

I loved it, dare I say, potentially even more than Mortal Engines. This book was so delicious to read (‘Swing Time’ may have paled next to the drama of this I now realise…). It builds on everything I loved about the first book and nailed it as a follow up book in a way that not many books manage.

Action-packed is a massive understatement because the character’s move through so many different standpoints and emotions and areas of the world – new, beautiful, totally unchartered areas of the world, from the character’s perspective and mine, post-Mortal Engines. It is a super compelling read. I needed to know what happened, and was only okay with taking breaks because I was exhausted. Things happened that I found unexpected, which I was delighted by. I think it’s really difficult to surprise a reader when a world and all the characters are pretty well-established.

There was also character development which I wasn’t expecting. They did things that felt like curveballs, and watching how they reacted to that was great. It felt very true to life because it’s uncertain how much it’ll affect them. I think it also made them more rounded and filled out as characters, because they were flawed, and they do bad things, but you still like them.

As already stated, I thought this book was heavenly. I’m sort of putting off reading the 3rd and 4th books because I sort of don’t want the series to end… That said, I’m finding it pretty difficult to pick which book to read next, because there are so many that I want to sink my teeth into. Watch this space for a To Read Pile post soon. We’ll see how that goes.



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