New Year’s Resolutions

I was pretty disappointed with the amount of books I read last year. My total books read stood at a measly 23 (see the list here below) . Having never kept count before, I’m not totally sure how this compares to other years but I do have a Literature degree, so I think at the very least those years beat 2016. Whilst I was merrily busy with other things that I enjoy, reading makes me really happy and is one of the few things that has stayed fairly constant throughout my life. It wasn’t so much that my list of ‘have read’ books didn’t grow much, but more that I just felt like I was being lazy about it and not carving out any time to read. I’ve felt very aware of it, so I’m going to make a conscious effort to read more in 2017.

As with other areas of my life, I’ve thought quite hard about some specific goals (I’m rubbish with vague ones!) so I thought I would write them down, and use this platform as a way to keep myself accountable. My memory is really poor when it comes to things I’ve read too, so I want to keep a note of things here as a record of how things have gone this year. So without further ado, resolutions…

Goal 1: Read 40 books.

This doesn’t sound like a crazy number to me (one of my friend’s once read 300 books in a year). Things haven’t changed much from last year, so I’m still going to be busy, and I have other (non reading related) goals that I want to meet too. However, I feel that this builds on last year, and is still fairly realistic (hopefully!)

Goal 2: Read some Russian books.

By this I mean ‘War and Peace’, ‘Life and Fate’, ‘Anna Karenina’ etc… I realise these are massive, and it may have something to do with the beautiful new editions brought out by Vintage (or the super lush TV version of War and Peace from last year…), but I think it’s worth giving them a go. Recommendation wise, I’ve only heard good things.

Goal 3: Finish things off

There are a lot of books that I’ve started and never quite got to the end of, whether that’s because I had a super heavy reading week at uni, or I wasn’t crazily absorbed by a book we wanted to read for Book Club… I’m 100% not one of those people who thinks you should give up if you aren’t enjoying something. For me, books work as a whole and leaving a book gives me a sense of unfinished business that I don’t like. You pick up a book for a reason and someone out there has spent potentially years of their life writing that thing – the least you can do is see it out. What if you’re supposed to hate the first 100 pages? What if the whole point is it’s supposed to feel uncomfortable and you’re not supposed to enjoy it? I think that can say a lot in itself. One of the things I love most about reading is that it can allow me a glimpse into experiences I’ve never had. I think it’s good to challenge yourself, and read things that aren’t easy, so I’m going to make a point of finishing a few things I’ve never got round to going back to.

This is the first year that I can remember where I am going in feeling refreshed and organised and ready for it, so hello 2017! I’m excited for you.


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