Wuthering Heights

Since I did a re-edition of Wuthering Heights at work a couple of years ago at work, it’s been irritating me that I haven’t read this. This is probably the classic with the most hype over it because there’s such debate about whether or not it’s a love story. And I wanted to know what I thought, so I finally got round to it.

And I do think it’s a love story, just not between Heathcliffe and Catherine #1. SPOILERS. I seriously love the Cathy #2 hooks up with Hareton. Feels like the whole thing was just leading up to them. And they were into moral tales back then, so Cathy #1 and Heathcliffe are probably supposed to deserve not being happy for being naughty or whatever.

Fav parts: when Cathy #2 gets sassy, any time; how sassy Cathy #1 is, all the time; Heathcliffe just being a dick for no reason – I loved that, he just is and I actually found the way it’s written pretty funny; Nelly, she just seems like such a dream, and actually like the only rational person there; all dat rambling on the moors, yussss; that Edgar Linton turns about to be a really nice guy, and a good dad, even though he was kind of a wet blanket and you’re like ‘you for real Cathy #1? #teamBadBoy’ There aren’t enough good dad’s portrayed in culture, and let’s be real, they’re awesome and so important; rugged Hareton, and all he wants is books… hello literary heartthrob, scrumptious.

Least fav parts: Linton (UGH); the old Yorkshire dialect – I’m usually a fairly speedy reader and I had to slow down for it and spell it all out to myself in my head, which was fine, but I’m lazy…; the way it’s told through the narrator (I forget his name, because he’s basically not in it) but it’s actually Nelly telling the story. I know this is a trope of lit of this period, but yo, what’s the point? just use Nelly from the outset. I spose the narrator gives spoilers so you want to know how you get from point A to point B, but we end up at point C anyway; and the obvious one, that Cathy doesn’t get with Heathcliffe! I sort of saw her point when she rationalises marrying Edgar to Nelly, but you live in the middle of nowhere love, just hook up with the boy who you’ve always fancied because he’s rugged and naughty, who’s your best friend who you love hanging out with, not the boy everyone else thinks is a catch because he’s conventional and rich. Rule 1 of life: stay with the people you totally adore. Obvs.

Also, I totally had this in my head the whole time I was reading this. Which was a-okay by me… In fact, I really enjoyed this part of the experience.



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