Articles to read #1

Some good ones on reading and writing:

This one on some magazines that look ace. No more to be said. I’m sort of just saving this until I have the cash for magazines…

On not feeling good enough and writing for yourself.
I sort of hate writing. It’s like running. I go running, but I don’t like it. It’s uncomfortable and painful and the whole experience isn’t enjoyable, and then, and then. And then, it’s over. I do it for that euphoric moment when it’s complete and it feels hundreds of times worth it. Writing is too much like a puzzle, like fitting together an infographic. I hold my breath the whole time. Like running, it feels less like joy and more compulsion.

On mixing it up in publishing. As far as I’m concerned, more please. I want to go to a million places I’ve never been, and get as far as I can.

About James Daunt and Waterstones and where bookselling is going



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